Quick Start Handbook


This 24-page handbook contains everything newcomers need to get started in your facility. It is designed to include answers to common questions about accommodations, security, IT, and office services. The Quick Start Handbook is set up for you to add your information to inform your guests.



This handbook’s purpose is to contain everything newcomers will need to get started in a proposal effort. With answers to the most common questions or concerns that you will get from newcomers about accommodations, security, IT, and other office services, the handbook is set up for you to insert your information. Add maps and directions, local hotels and eateries, the local hospital, emergency care facilities, post office, Fed Ex-type drop points, and other guides for newcomers’ convenience. You can transform your kickoff meetings by including the 24-page Quick Start Handbook in your Kickoff Meeting Book. Items in the Quick Start Handbook can be discussed easily during your kickoff meeting. 


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