When a bid can bankroll you, I kick it up!

Over 4 years with my Bid Launch Sequence®, I led one firm to 43 wins, averaging $253 million apiece. You need these results.

Seeing 15 wins in the last 18 awarded, I achieved an 83.33% win rate. How? For 4 years, I was handed unique responsibility, administering $37 million and producing 73 proposals. I used process improvement efforts, written procedures, and training to inculcate my Bid Launch Sequence® process, discipline, and standards.

I use four building blocks in a formal, structured method to: define requirements; ensure quality improvement; maintain configuration control; design compelling products; and integrate team capabilities. These four building blocks are:


A Systems Engineering Baseline as Cornerstone

  • Integrates RFP requirements, SOW, and evaluation criteria
  • Provides requirements, schedule, and resources projectization
  • Defines technical and management approaches
  • Identifies themes and discriminators


A Quality Management System as the Touchstone

  • Provides for multiple in-process reviews
  • Facilitates interchange
  • Ensures continuous improvement
  • Exercises quality controls through scheduled reviews


A Configuration Control Process as the Keystone

  • Establishes configuration control with Compliance Outline
  • Places proposal responsibility, accountability, and authority
  • Integrates business development and proposal management


Integrated Product Teams as the Capstone

  • Establishes interdisciplinary teams tailored to the approach
  • Aligns product development with systems engineering
  • Compels constructive collaboration between stakeholders

Founded on control systems learned at TRW, I built my unique Bid Launch Sequence® proposal process on systems engineering baselining with a quality system and configuration status accounting. I optimize resources after kickoff with integrated product teams that develop and feed proposal directives as the path forward guidance to the volume managers.

I reaped massive costs savings, too. In the first year $13 million was spent, the last saw only $9 million. These results belie identical work volume and winning the last 15 of 18. My unique processes, matured and proven, are critical to you if chasing a high volume of large contracts. A crunch on the way? A special opportunity looming where you need support?

Today, I provide freelance proposal management, volume leadership, and proposal writing. I  mobilize proposal teams for bids.

Trained People, Good Tools

  • Carl has trained a large network of professionals for you

  • Using his Compliance Outline™ to systematize author input, he exploits his expertise in a wide range of scopes

  • His Key Personnel Evaluation & Resume System (KeyPERS™) showcases delivery of your team

Informative Graphic Design

  • Carl inculcated use of a contract-wide executive summary concept of operations, the ConOps™ 3-D isometric schematic

  • He focuses on graphics that inform by design at a glance

  • Carl exploits the concept of “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Inclusive, Clear Estimates

  • Carl accurately forecasts proposal costs from release to award

  • His planning tool estimates graphics, administrative, and subject matter expert resources and other direct costs

  • His complete estimate is essential to analyze return on investment

Carl Selfe uses the iMindMap software for the concluding round to display the final team consensus. iMindMap is created by successful entrepreneur and best-selling author, Chris Griffiths, and is the only software endorsed by the inventor of Mind Mapping, Tony Buzan. Click the image to view the three editions of iMindMap – available for purchase today.