Proposal Process Procedures Manual


It took me years to define the 41 proposal subprocesses that baselined my system. From a baseline, you can improve after each proposal. Each of my 41 procedures defines for you the responsibility assignments, guidance documents, inputs, and outputs for you to structure a repeatable proposal process.



Based on proven methodology and documented, repeatable processes, I wrote my proposal development procedures over many years. By establishing a consistent process I was able to train a world-class proposal organization. It took me 3 years just to define the many proposal subprocesses, and over $250,000 to develop that and my set of 41 subprocess procedures. You will find procedures like these nowhere else. My procedures define who is responsible to do what and when. In my 8-phase proposal process, each procedure defines the guidance documents, the inputs, and the outputs. These procedures will transform your efforts into repeatable performances and consistent, compliant proposal products.


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