Kickoff Meeting Handbook


Transform kickoff meetings by exploiting the team-wide brainpower of assembled subject matter experts, engineers, and writers. This handbook shows how to make your kickoff teams produce five proposal guidance documents to be used verbatim by all writers.



I saw much waste in hastily planned kickoffs. I was driven to find a way during kickoff meetings to harness and apply the collective wisdom of writers, subject matter experts, and engineers. This was untapped team-wide smarts–assembled for the first time at kickoff. I found a way. It worked. My handbook shows how to transform your kickoffs into not only learning the capture plan, but also solution building by exploiting the team’s brainpower. All will agree to the exact words they will use. Your team will produce five (5) roadmaps, given to writers to start the proposal. The 16-page Kickoff Meeting Handbook shows step by step how to build this single-voice coherence, beginning with the end in mind.


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