Effective Communications Handbook


Cutting the fog is the key to evaluator comprehension. We communicate essentially with three basic components: graphics, tables, and text passages. My 16-page Effective Communications Handbook walks you in-depth through each component with what you should do and what you should not do.



I have improved this Effective Communications Handbook over many years. Simply put, there are three basic components of a proposal document: graphics, tables, and text sections. My 16-page handbook walks you through each of these one by one, explaining clearly how to transform your proposals. First, you will learn to create graphics based on a focused set of objectives and messages, with captions steeped in themes, discriminators, and benefits. Second, you will learn more than you knew existed about the art of highly structured, clear tables to capture dense RFP specifications. Lastly, you will learn to transform flabby prose with specific techniques, transitions, and words that clarify your writing and enhance your evaluators’ comprehension. If you are a proposal writer, this handbook will transform your efforts from the very first day.


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