Brainstorming Handbook


In my 20-page Brainstorming Handbook, you are shown the three iterative creative thinking phases in each Buzan mind mapping session, along with the constraints that keep the participants under control and in check. This handbook graphically shows you the process, your process controls, your outputs, and your timeframes for each session.



Brainstorming is how I develop the exact wording every writer will use to describe the bid’s four main buckets: the technical approach, management approach, discriminators, and themes. Finding my brainstorming technique in 1996, I use mind mapping to winnow the basic ordering and hierarchies within my four main buckets. Graphically depicted in my 20-page Brainstorming Handbook, mind mapping has iterative creative thinking phases to guide your efforts and give you higher-level insights. Incubating these insights causes the mind’s illumination, and that will inform all. Transform your meetings by mind mapping as a group a very clear, organized, and consensus narrative.


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