ConOps™ Handbook


With this 16-page handbook on how to create a Concept of Operations (ConOpsTM), you can transform your proposal efforts by depicting how your operational plan works as an integrated whole. The ConOpsTM is an eagle’s eye view that shows your whole story in one 11×17 graphic.



I developed my concept of operations (ConOps™) isometric schematic process in 2003 to give my evaluator an eagle’s eye view in the executive summary of key approach elements, interfaces, and integrating features. Well received by evaluators, my ConOps™ process evolved to become my first post-kickoff Integrated Product Team (IPT). With this 16-page ConOps™ Handbook, you will learn to transform your proposal’s executive summary with a depiction of the customer’s critical infrastructure overlaid with your program management office, key integrating systems, communications channels, and distinguishing feature callout boxes.


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