After Action Review Handbook


My After Action Review process is designed for critical company bids. Learn why the big ones were really lost. That is the only way to improve win rates…by quashing the cover ups. Transform your After Action Reviews by casting aside bias within the process.



I modeled my after action review process on public techniques used in Inspector General reports and Environmental Impact Statements. In both of these, all comments are received, registered, and published in the final report, i.e., documented and made available for review by all parties. Nothing is hidden. This is one important concept of openness that promotes better root cause analysis. Other concepts employed include appointing unbiased review leaders bolstered by selection of a graybeard panel that rank orders all findings for severity in the final step. In the end result, my process will transform your after action reviews by bringing the most critical issues to the forefront while at the same time getting the bias out of the review process.


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