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New website coming to fruition

It has been interesting to be working on a website again, and this one is really putting myself out there. This website is much more complicated than the website presences I have had in the past. This time I added me…the sage. I looked around and found what we had been so busy doing over the last 10 years is unique in industry, and the publications I have authored over these years have morphed into a product line that can greatly benefit more than the people who walked into my proposal shop. That adds a dimension to the website that I never had before. The largesse of being able to try new techniques at my proposal center helped to refine and prove out my processes. I am quite certain these things will help many in my field.

Another thing that is quite different is that this website will take administration and constant feedback to interested parties. I don’t yet know how this will change my world. My guess is that it will become a full time enterprise. Don’t you think that everyone should jump off the cliff every now and then? Actually, I don’t think I will be able to give up my proposal development trade just yet. Not facing a proposal delivery deadline just seems cray.

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